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Meet The Doctor

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Helene C. Dombrowski, M.D. P.C., is a board certified dermatologist in private practice in both Dearborn and Northville. 

While Dr. Dombrowski's expertise includes both medical and cosmetic Dermatology, she is truly recognized as a leader in minimally invasive facial aesthetics. 

Dr. Dombrowski has not only received advanced training while having vast experience in the use of fillers and injectables. In order to achieve optimal aesthetic results, she explains, "It takes a true artistic eye and touch to help one looks their best in a way that looks natural." 

Certified Expert injectors are board certified by the American Board of Dermatology after completing a specialized residency in Dermatology following medical school. As an expert injector, Dr. Dombrowski is properly qualified and has demonstrated extreme diligence with regard to patient safety, reliable results and consumer education. Only FDA approved products are administered for aesthetic use. Dr. Dombrowski personally administers all injectables for her patients. 

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